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Welcome to Red 7 Property, a “property boutique” that delivers a range of specialist services in a highly personalised way. We're creative, we're progressive and we're a company that you can trust to do what we say and say what we do!

It's hard to put just one label on us but you can be certain we will bring a whole range of skills and experience to every stage of your project, right from the initial concept through to final delivery. You can count on our involvement making a real positive difference, we will help you think through every aspect of whatever it is you have in mind and introduce ideas you may never of previously thought of!  From the outset you can rely on every part of Red 7 Property working towards a result we can all be truly proud of....and don't think this needs to come at a prohibitive cost, quite simply, it doesn't!

We are confident we can add value to pretty much anything you might be thinking of doing with property and we are absolutely certain you will find us refreshingly different take your time and have a good look at our website, then get in touch with us and check out the exciting possibilities we can bring to your project!