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At Red 7 Property we have a library that is constantly updated with the latest advancements in every aspect of our work. But we are also mindful that the technology suited to one target market is not necessarily appropriate to another. Sometimes what can appear to be the “must have” of the current year can severely date the property in a very short time or may have very limited general appeal.

So in our homes we combine new technology sympathetically with proven tradition.  We aim to create stylish homes that incorporate cutting edge products in way that looks good today and will still look good for years to come.

We make sure that the basic infrastructure of every property is as “future proof” as possible because that way if at any time you want to add new technology the platform is already there and waiting. Our designs are as flexible as possible and will always incorporate your input. When it comes to technology in your new home virtually anything is now possible and at Red 7 Property we are perfectly placed to help you make the right choices to compliment your life style!