Property Specialists London - Red 7 Property Ltd


.....We develop... new stylish homes and all sorts of other dreamy properties! That's what we have always done, but it's because we take note of every single new concept that comes up throughout our many relationships that we really pinpoint our success.

Being at the cutting edge though doesn't always mean the sacrifice of tradition. Successful development brings about a fusion of modern and traditional ideas, utilising land and properties to their full potential whilst also considering the local environment to make sure projects are in keeping with their surroundings.

We are perfectly positioned to bring all of these elements together and produce developments that are both visually appealing and meet our client's needs. We do this without any sacrifice to existing community infrastructure or compromise to project budgets. In fact our test to ourselves as a considerate developer is that we must always be happy to purchase and live in any of the properties we develop and we can't say fairer than that!