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Exterior Design

The exterior design of property is often neglected or at best not given the priority it deserves but it sets the standard that we believe should be reflected throughout. It's important to remember your home is also an investment and without great kerbside appeal many people are likely to regard your property as not worthy of a further look when eventually you come to sell.

Not only that, but first impressions generally set the tone of what can be expected to follow and with a little care and creativity the external space and fabric of the building can be made to come alive to generate lasting interest.

So if you think the exterior of your property is not all that it could be contact Red 7 Property, we will get the outside back into shape and seamlessly merge your existing structures with new requirements. The concept of our design process is the same whatever difficulties we are faced with and you can be certain we will do everything possible to make the most of your property inside and out.